benefits of massage + spa treatments


Benefits of Massage Therapy:
-Increased range of motion in muscles and joints
-Increased circulation
-Activates the parasympathetic relaxation response
-Releases tension
-Decreases Pain
-Increases mind-body awareness
-Increases self esteem
-Decreases anxiety
-Reduces trigger points
-Can help improve sleep quality
-A great way to reward yourself that is healthy
-Decreased recovery time for tired, sore and injured muscles
-Can help increase the immune system via the reduction of stress levels

Benefits of Hot Herbal Wraps:
-Increases circulation
-Sweating can lead to water weight loss
-Decreases tension and soreness in muscles
-Deeply relaxing
-Warms the muscles

Benefits of Deep Tissue massage: Deep Tissue massage alleviates pain from chronic tightness and soreness of muscles by working deep in the musculature. The pressure is moderate to deep. This type of massage releases adhesion's and breaks up scar tissue. All massage helps the body release a hormone which helps people feel good, and connected to each other.

Benefits of Swedish massage: Swedish massage increases circulation the body helping release toxins and assist in healing tissues. The pressure is light to moderate, effleurage strokes. It also activates the parasympathetic response in the nervous system or the relaxation response. This helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

Benefits of Neuromuscular Therapy: Helps reset the resting length of a muscle. So if a muscle is tight at rest, neuromuscular therapy is a quick way to reset  the tension level of the muscle, it also can help improve posture when combined with stretching and exercising.

Benefits of Hot Stone massage: This massage is deeply relaxing, warming and grounding.
The heat of the stones penetrates the muscles to release toxins and tension. The warmth melts away stress and cold. This treatment balances the Root Chakra and grounds your energy. The smooth stone with oil on your skin feels like a complete luxury. 

Benefits of Dry Brushing: Increases the  circulation, removes dead skin cells softening the skin.

Benefits of Salt Scrubs: Skin tends to look brighter and younger after  a salt scrub. Regular use of  salt scrubs can minimize stretch marks over time.

Benefits of Energy Work: The health benefits of energy: deep relaxation, enhanced clarity, increased insight, clearing blocks and assisting in pain management. Energy work is also used as a therapy for pain management in many hospitals globally.