Autumn the perfect time for: a day of Rest & Comfort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

While vacationing or living in Jackson, Wyoming…

Days and weeks can quickly turn into a 24 hour adventure of work and play. So often burnout and injuries can occur from lack of rest and lack of self-care.

A day or even a half day dedicated to rest can significantly benefit your mind and body.

What are some ways you can add rest into your busy schedule?

1.       One way is to treat your body to some mineral and vitamin packed food. There are many places you can find fresh pressed juice in Jackson. Try adding a fresh juice to your morning, along with that coffee.  My favorite places to go for a quick juice are The Whole Grocer a nd Lotus Cafe .

2.       Another favorite way to relax is a steamy hot yoga class.  Hot yoga is an incredible way to stretch tight muscles, lubricate joints and eliminate lactic acid. I tend to frequent Inversion Yoga for this. Don’t forget to drink up to 2 liters of water the day before you go to hot yoga and as much water as you can during class. Also don’t be afraid! Go to yoga no matter what your skill level is, gradually go deeper into poses. Yoga isn’t a competitive activity, it’s a little more introspective.

3.       Go to a relaxing and pampering meditation class. I thoroughly enjoy the meditation classes at Lotus Vibes, Jackson, WY. Usually you   are offered flower essences and essential oils. The mats and face masks are amazing! Usually after these classes I feel very calm and centered.

4.       Go grab a Chai tea and head to the library. The library in  Jackson is modern and clean. One thing I love about the library is you never know who you will find there! Also there is usually a wealth of information about our community there. I love looking through my favorite sections and I usually end up finding way more books then I can read. You never know you might just find a documentary on DVD to rent. Then head home and snuggle up with some soup and tea!

5.       Head out of town! I love Granite Hot Springs for this.  Just few miles south of town, yet  you are completely submerged in nature. I love to bring drinks and snacks and soak in the naturally warm pool, tucked away in the forest! Ahhh! Heaven on earth. 

6. Come unwind at anja. Here you will find affordable prices with the excellent care and customer service of a high end spa. Customize your treatment session to your liking. Also get tips on all things related to relaxation, wellness, stress reduction and referrals to excellent health care practitioners around the valley. 

By Jamie T

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