How to Change a Belief

Do you have a limiting belief? Or a belief that no longer serves you? I've had few myself. Today I was trying to recall in my mind  all of the teachings I've learned on how to change them. These are something's I want to try. Here goes!

1. Try to remember how you got the belief.  Was there past past trauma or bad experience you had? Sometimes we create beliefs around these types of experiences to protect ourselves. 

2. Challenge the belief. Ask yourself how am I wrong? Is this always true, 100% of the time?

3. Invoke, "Clear, Cancel, Delete."  Everytime you think the belief say in your mind,  "Clear, Cancel, Delete" 

4. Replace the belief. Find a new belief to replace the old one. Create a new philosophy, reframe the negative circumstance, go back in the past and heal the trauma. 

5. Accept change. Realize we change and grow. Letting go of old situations and beliefs is freeing.  Even though change is difficult it's also rewarding. 

By Jamie T



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