How To Be Kind To Yourself

Being kind to yourself is a daily practice. When you are busy or stressed it is highly important to find a self care program.  

Ways to be more kind to yourself:

-Forgive yourself  and others often and easily

-Be gentle with yourself and others when mistakes are made

-Create clear boundaries  

-Create a self-care program, pick one thing in each category to do everyday: Mental, Spiritual or Physical. Set aside time to do one thing for your well being each day.  

-Ask for help and support when you need it

-Use affirmations to keep your mind focused on what you want, keep it positive 

-Take good care of your body, be nice to it

-Find balance between work and play   

-Write a gratitude list 

-Forgive the past 

-Realize how your mistakes made you grow

-Take responsibility for yourself, empower yourself to make positive changes

-Say some affirmations of something loving 

By Jamie T







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