Tips to Decrease Stress

1. Take a lot of deep belly breaths

2. Ground yourself, picture roots coming out of your feet and digging into the earth

3. Get physical go for a long walk or a run  

4. Drink Plenty or water, make sure your body is in homeostasis  

5. Get a bedtime ritual if you are having trouble with sleep

6. Meditate  

7. Embrace it, go into the stress rather than run away

8. Say a prayer

9. Talk it out with someone you trust

10. Ask for help

12. Listen to calming music

13. Stretch for 15 min

14. Say something nice to someone or even yourself

15. Encourage yourself, create a positive self dialogue such as, "you're doing good". 

16. Take a break

17. Drink chamomile tea

18. Use an essential oil, smell it, let it help you focus on the present moment. 

19. Express your anger and frustration in a healthy way, say, "I am feeling stressed right now." 

20. Count your blessings

By Jamie T


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