How to Ground Yourself

Usually when people talk about grounding they are mostly targeting spiritual people as their audience. I however don't believe this topic is just for spiritual people. It's for anyone who has to encounter someone who upsets them or for anyone who is over worked and tired. Sometimes in stressful or tiresome situations we began to feel off balance or disassociate from our bodies or reality. As a CMT part of my job is to ground myself before each session to make sure I don't absorb my clients energy. Not that absorbing energy is a bad thing but it's important to stay in your own energy and harness it as much as possible in life. 

Ways to Stay Grounded: 

-inhale some deep breaths  

-picture your feet rooting in the earth

-walk barefooted in the dirt

-carry obsidian or hematite stones

-eat some root veggies

-Say to yourself, "I am grounded, centered and separated, what's yours is yours what's mine is mine" 

-checking in with your body consciously feel your body head to toe, note any discomfort  

-sit cross legged picture your tail bone sinking and connecting to the earth  

-get your root chakra balanced

-wear red or brown

-wear patchouli or vetiver essential oil

-do the dishes and only focus on that

Benefits of Grounding:

-increased stable energy  


-clear communications 

-feeling in control

-honoring this existence and the mundane  

-emotional stability


-even handedness

By Jamie T  

 Copyright all right reserved © 2017 anja. relax + water + love = beauty

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