Being Present

All to often life sidelines us with a series of stressful events. Sometimes these things can keep us off in a perpetual state of problem solving and agitation. What is happening? The stressor is causing us to not be in the present moment, little by little it eats away at the present moments. Zapping us from the joy that is now.

The NOW however is in a constant state of change, savoring each moment is like savoring sand as it falls between our fingers. So then what the point? The point is we had the experience, we felt each present moment as it came, we had the feeling of it. Almost 90% of the time we can find safety in the present moment, very rarely is the present moment one of stress or trauma.

If you knew you only had 3 more years to live, how much would those transient present moments mean to you? Being present to me means optimizing the time we have here. Being aware of our presence as we move through life. Not all of it has to have meaning. It just means you are aware of existing in the moment.

Sometimes where we focus our attention can determine what grows in our lives. Do we want to get stuck in the past or a problem?  Or do we want to see where the present moment will take us.

Take a minute examine where you are, do a check in with your body, are there any areas of pain or tension? Check in with your breath, is it contracting or holding? Is it fast and tight? Check your surroundings, how's the lighting outside today? How are the colors around you? Smell what's around you. Then Check in with your feelings, is there anything now you don't want to feel? Take one feeling at a time and sit with it for as long as you can, breathe deep until any discomfort disperses. 

By Jamie T


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