What to do When You're "Strange"

What To Do When You're "Strange"  (a light hearted and youthful article)    Originally written May 4, 2017 final cut Aug 10th 2017 

Everyone at any point in life can feel out of place. This can happen to the young, the old and in between. Maybe you don't fit in a new phase of your life yet or in your new neighborhood. Maybe you don’t fit in with your age group. Maybe you are trying out a new hobby and you haven't found your spot in that group yet. Maybe you have had a major life change or a few and you find yourself questioning your identity in these new circumstances. The list could go on. 

Who knows maybe you don’t even feel you belong on this planet. (Lol)  Maybe you feel like you are from a different realm in time and space.  Maybe you feel like your soul came from a different star system altogether? Maybe you are the not only the black sheep of your family but you are a far out there psychedelic sheep! Maybe you are one of a kind in a unique profession? 

Truth be told because you exist you actually belong anyway. Its almost impossible not to belong. It's only society that teaches us we have to have a certain address, a certain label, a certain thing we ascribe to. Society likes to categorize things and people often in ways that are limiting and non-dynamic. Society demands a type of order that not all souls were made to fit into. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just be random and creative with your identity and choices from time to time? What if you intuitively ate and shopped instead of picking certain diets or styles?

Because you exist you already have a home in this strange universe. 

You have always belonged even if you don't always feel like it. Believing that in of itself will help you find a home. A home is more of an internal state of identifying with comfort than a physical place. Ever had a home that felt like some distant place? Why because you weren't connected there. 

All of us are "strange" in our own way. We aren't all carbon copies of each other. If you have something that makes you different, you are your own person; we all have things that differ from the herd. Isn't it ironic we are all different and unique yet all inextricably connected? 

Feeling out of place can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone, until we define who we are in a situation or accept who we are in life. Truth be told some of the most interesting people ever to exist were in fact "strange". Lets see: Steve Jobs, Ernest Hemingway, Federico Fellini, Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, Frieda Kahlo, Virginia Wolfe and Johnny Depp are just to name a few. At least one of these people couldn’t even put matching socks on much less carry on a normal conversation. Yet these people are loved and looked up to by society at large. 

Here's how to embrace your inner and outer strangeness:

-If you've got it flaunt it

-Don't try to fit in to something 

-Smile at people from time to time

-Find other strange people like you, "your tribe"

-Embrace your talents and ideas

-Wear the clothes you like  

-Geek out as much as needed  

-Create a club  

-Read those books! 

-Speak how you normally do with your most trusted confidants 

-Stay humble

-Have a good self-care program

-Get in touch with your body, not just your brain

-Don't take yourself so seriously

-Try to have more fun

-Get loco and use those mad skills to create your next big project 

-Find a mate who loves you just as you are

-Don't ever change  

Always remember you have an important role on the planet, you contribute in some way, somewhere. You contribute greatly to the collective consciousness even if your consciousness isn't so collective. So let your inner Jack Sparrow out to shine for all of us to see once in a while okay? 

Weirdmaste: the weirdness in me honors the weirdness in you!

<3 Jamie T

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