How To Create Good Karma & Develop Compassion

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Originally written June 2nd, final edit August 9th 2017

If ever I turn on the news, it can feel overwhelming the amount of badand violent news there is around this planet. In a world so filled with
chaos I can see for sure how one might rely on mainstream culture forkarmic relief.. Karma is actually a more gentle and subtle phenomenon
than how it's portrayed. Karma can't be willed towards our own selfish means.

Pop-culture seems to echo that karma is more a force outside ourselvesrather than something we are personally interacting with and cultivating.
Karma is not a tool for justice. People seem to think that if something bad happens to them karma will take care of it. The true meaning of karma is not really intentioned in that fashion. Don't get me wrong, before I researched karma, I had the same view.

Karma's real meaning doesn't seem to translate well into modernmedia/culture. To learn about karma you will have to mull over Tibetan
Buddhist texts and Zen Buddhism philosophy. You can also find a lotabout karma in the Shambala tradition. As well as some Hinduism. Which is fun and also time consuming. Here's a very quick snapshot of-somethings about karma.

Karma really can just mean for every action there is a reaction. We can cultivate our own karma very simply. Not always does energy go to
where you want it to or is it received the way you intended. Intention plays an important roll in this realm. Sometimes in life that's all we have our good intentions that can be misunderstood or taken for granted. After all you can't control other people's perceptions of reality.

Here's some ways to cultivate good karma and spread compassion. Mind you this is idealized it's not always possible to behave like a saint. In small ways we can manage to make progress. One step at a time.

Tips on Creating Karma:

-treat people with kindness and respect

-send your compassion and light out to the world through meditation

-smile a little more

-truly listen

-help those in need

-give your time


-let go of envy

-accept the grey areas of life

-accept that all people are fallible yet still have incredible value

-see beyond labels and boundaries

-believe in others freedom as much as your own

-keep an attitude of encouragement

-develop a sense of unity with the universe this unity leads a feeling of

-realize all things are connected

-believe in the cosmic and collective consciousness

-know you have your piece of the pie in energetic escrow already you don't need someone else's pie, believe in abundance not scarcity

-believe that there is still good in the world

-be empathetic

-open your heart, it's safe to be loving and kind

-treat others well

-try to be kind even if you don't feel like it

-explore similarities between you and others

-feel apart of humanity, remember no man is an island

-forgive easily

-remember joy is more "enjoyable" than hate

-remember spiritual consciousness has unconditional love for all sentient beings and even the whole planet and that unconditional is for

A way to motivate yourself into better thought and action is to believe what you give out you get back 3 fold. Whether that is universally true or
not makes no difference. Not all belief is grounded in science. To clearpast karma sometimes we need to simply detach energetic cords, ask for forgiveness, forgive or make a life changes. I believe karma can be healed in this lifetime.

Simply start putting your best foot forward now.

The present moment is the best place to start creating good karma. Iftime is not linear... we can even go back and potentially heal past & future karma. Remember who you believe you are and what you believeabout the world to be is a karmic cycle in and of itself. Choose right now tostay on the more loving and light aspects of your conscious awareness, even in a seemingly dark and chaotic world.

Happy Karma making, bending and mending!

-By Jamie T

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