The Power of Positivity, interacting with reality. An introduction to Personal Alchemy.

The Power of Positivity, interacting with reality. An introduction to Personal Alchemy.

Positivity has become a cultural cliché especially in the self-help and wellness communities. However if something is so popular that it then becomes cliché, then it must have some truths. If millions of people have bought products related to this “positivity” trend, there must be a deep desire in us for its powers to be true. There must be a part of us deep down inside that still believes in goodness and hope.

 A lot of how we view these things is related to social conditioning. However what if we had the power to undo some of our social conditioning and reprogram ourselves to see the variations of our perception of positive and negative? In ways that serve our highest good and potential and the collective highest good?

Connecting to Alchemy can seem daunting. Alchemy is a unique and archaic word. Fortunately we have science to help us understand some things about it. We truly are living in the age of enlightenment.

Physicists say that when atomic matter is observed that the particles themselves change. They also say that the past, the present and the future co-exist in a sort of parallel time frame. The way I see it is observation + energy sort of exist in a geometric shape of sorts. Or it could even be a Fractal. So if the reality we observe changes based on our observation? If the future is just millions of observations of a frequency. Then what can we infer about Alchemy?

Alchemy is the art of transmuting, transforming and creating. If what we observe changes based upon our observation we can discover how to harness the power of perception to change and transform our personal world.

If reality is based on our observation of it. Then what types of thinking can help us create the reality that is the most inspiring?

As Abraham Hicks would say it’s just as easy to manifest a button as it is a castle. Starting with very small shifts in perception we can make small changes that can even make 1 hour of one day miraculous.

The glass is either half empty of half full, you get to decide. In deciding whether your glass in life is full or empty you are actually writing a story about your life. What you choose to write about is completely up to you. You are the writer, producer, director and the actor here. In-fact through Alchemy you can change your story to a whole other story and this will impact and ripple into the future. Try to choose a story that feels good to you.

Positive presuppositions. Often in life we focus on a problem in a negative tone. We might say to ourselves, “Oh man, I never get to travel.” When we say these things we only give our energy to the perceived problem. What would a better statement be? Well one might be, “How can I travel often?” By asking this question about travel, you trigger your mind to solve the problem of travel all of the time. Your mind will be working on this problem 24/7. Instead of stating the facts of the predicament you are in, instead ask a positive presupposition question.

Co-creation. Every thought not just your actions are actually interacting with the matrix reality. It’s like our thoughts and minds are the software and our physical brains and bodies are the hardware.

 Our thoughts create a thick energy matrix that interacts with our physiology. Who is to say, it doesn’t in fact interact with our people’s energy and our environment?

 One of the hardest things I’ve tried to do in life is consistently, harness and control my thoughts intentionally. What you choose to focus on you inevitably attract. What is you want to attract? There is a reason we were all supplied with the ability to create. The creative mind can bring into reality what does not yet exist before us. Why is that? Well one theory might be that the reality of what we want already exists in another layer just outside of our perception of it. If we want it to come into focus we need to perceive it first. Focusing on what already is, is a very elementary form of awareness that keeps us stuck. Positively focusing on what we want to see more of and creating a nuanced picture of it in our minds, is the first step to bringing it into our physical reality.

Letting go of lack of abundance. Many generations were trained to believe that everything is limited and reasources were limited. This created a competitive, negative environment where humans participated in the paradigm, “It’s a dog eat dog world”. People were mesmerized into believing in universal limitation therefore self-limitation. We are now slowly breaking out of that false paradigm. One way to break out of lack and scarcity is to let go of envy. Another way is to be generous. Another way is to be open and encouraging to all. Inclusivity is rising. Exclusivity is becoming extinct. When you include you shift to abundance. When you are abundant you truly want others to have the same. When you are enlightened you take real steps in actually helping others achieve abundance. This is no joke and it can take years to train the reptilian parts of our brain into the type of thinking.

I leave you with this start one small practice of Alchemy and go from there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in making major shifts. Ask from your higher power, ancestors, angels and love ones. Remember you are always loved and always supported in your journey.

 Happy Creating, Love, anja. lady

Written by Jamie Themadjaja Spring 2017 Final Edit 10/26/18

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