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Massage Therapy

A wonderful way to treat pain, soreness and stress. Includes Hot Packs on back, hot towels on hands and feet and aromatherapy oil.

massage modalities
•deep tissue  •trigger point  •swedish•combo •prenatal •assisted stretching•neuromuscular •pre & post event sports massage
30 min $55
50 min    $90
60 min    $110
80 min    $130
90 min    $150
100 min  $170
120 min  $200

hot stone + deep tissue combo
Decrease soreness, increase athletic performance, decrease lactic acid, release tension and knots. Includes Arnica oil and Myrrh oil a herbal remedy to help alleviate soreness and deeply relax.
100 min $185

high altitude hot stone massage + arnica oil
Warm stones from the Snake River + Basalt Volcanic stones are used to massage, stones are placed on energy centers of the body. Using a blend of Arnica oil and essential oils. This is deeply warming, restorative and grounding for the body.
(suggested add on: sweetgrass smudging + shungite rods) 
60   min  $135
80   min  $155

unique add ons
-heat oil for pain add $10
-magic salve for pain add $15
-crystal bowl sounds bath 10 min $10
-salt glow + hot compress (20-30 min $30).
-Arnica-Skullcap Herbal Wrap.(20-30 min $30)
-smudge cleanse + protect sweetgrass & shungite.

add ons below $25 per adds 15 min

-muscle cupping
-muscle testing
-warm paraffin foot dip
-gua-sha muscle scraping
-jade stone face massage
-ASMR super-soft touch massage
-hot salt aromatherapy foot soak
-warm jasmine serum scalp massage. -clay back mask massage with hot packs
-anja. Tourmaline serum oil face + scalp massage

Holistic Healing

Be uplifted + inspire + create

Through intuitive listening + profound questioning receive energetic support and encouragement. Assisting you in uncovering your inner-worth, strengths, and truths.
$100 per hour

self-care session

We will identify how, what, where and when you can incorporate self-care into your daily life. I will also send email and text reminder to help support you on your journey.

on-site smudging
This is a clearing and cleansing ritual to amplify the good energy of your spaces.
15 min $25

personalized vision board process and creation
We will go through a coaching session to help you identify your highest aspirations and then I will create
a personalized vision board for you and frame it.

Spa Treatments

Deeply relaxing, smooths the skin
and detoxes the body.

anja. signature butter wrap
A rose quartz, pink clay, ylang ylang, jasmine and lavender pink salt scrub is massaged into body. Then a massage of choice will be given with a ylang ylang cocoa body butter, the butter to soaks into to pores while a Hot Herbal Wrap warms the body For relaxation and detoxification. Making your skin glow and luxuriantly soft, relaxes tight sore muscles and reduces stress. Great for pre-event or pre-date night.
110 min $195

anja. lavender + neroli salt glow + herbal wrap + hot stone massage
An aromatherapy salt glow handmade is applied smoothly over the body, then a grounding massage with Hot Stones is performed with aroma oil. A Hot Herbal wrap with scalp massage, provides peaceful meditative states. 
100min $185

anja. jasmine oil scalp, neck + shoulder massage
Warm Jasmine oil is applied to scalp, and face and massaged in. This treatment relieves headaches, anxiety, mental stress and insomnia. 
60 min for $130

bespoke treatments
This is an avant-garde treatment using any and all ingredients and modalities to heal to the deepest level.
2-3 hours $200-400

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