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“The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” ― 

 I embrace a gentle type of coaching that is warm and nurturing to heal lost parts of your-self esteem. I especially believe in your ability to find empowerment and want to help you believe in yourself, once again or for the first time. I want you to know you are worthy. I want you to know you are valuable and you are loved. We don't often see as much kindness and encouragement as we could in the world. We don't often feel a warm embrace. Life Coaching is like a cocoon of that warmth we all need. We are often taught how to face the world but in a way that makes us harsh or unfeeling. I wan't you to know your feelings are valid and they are a great source of strength for you. I want to be that place for you to come to, to fill your cup. 

Transformational Life Coaching New at anja.

The premise of Life Coaching is that nobody is broken and your life can be healed. As a Life Coach I believe everyone has value and untapped ability. With the right direction and desire to change, all can be healed. I have complete faith in our ability to not only survive but to heal past conditioning, to grow (expand), thrive and come out successful.

As your Life Coach I will:
• help you discover your true life purpose.
• help you discover your strengths and expand your positive traits.
•I will help you uncover your inner most values.
•I will show you my signature method to create the life of your dreams.
•I will teach you the theory behind living in abundance and how you can spread abundance to those around you.
•I will teach you the truth about precieved failures. 
•I will help you uncover beliefs that hold you back, show you how reframe the negative to find silver linings, empower you and make sure you are aware of how amazing you are.
• I will encourage, facilitate and cheer you into ACTION towards your goals and desires.
• I will help you set your own pace and make your own progress while refraining from judgement or evaluation.

I honor you, I see you, I hear you!

call: 307-699-0969 for more information or email me @

1.5 hour session $160
Package of 10 1-1.5 hours sessions $1500