skincare products by anja
small batch, handmade, high-end  Lotions + Potions = ♡

It all started when...
anja. is a brand I created while going to Digital Design school in Vancouver, BC, CA in 2006. It was a year long intensive program which I would call boot camp. Often us students worked 16-20 hours a day on projects. After my massage training and spa training as an employee, I felt inspired to create my own product line. Many of the recipes and products I ended up using in the spa, inspired my creativity. For many years I researched brands, ingredients, used the products while making my own recipes became a fun hobby. Actually in 2006 I began working on another product line brand before I left for school. I would not consider myself an expert at any of these areas to this day. I still consider myself as a experimenter in art, design, and business. From that I bought myself a black notebook and began creating ideas for my own brand. I remember sitting in my car India Town Vancouver, then on my apartment building rooftop, researching, taking notes and coming up with my ideas. I was so inspired my the cosmopolitan vibe of Vancouver + all of the Art History, Design, Film, Liturature and Fashion that I was exposed to. I remember there wasn't enough time in the day to take it all in. I still have that notebook to this day and it has become full or notes, recipes and material pricing. To me anja. is much more than a name. To me anja. is a feeling, a person and an archetype. This has been a dream that is many years in the making. All I can say is don't ever give up on your passion or your dreams.